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New Hope Academy (NHA) is an independent K-12 private school and preschool ages 3-5, in Prince George's County. It opened in 1990 and is certified by the Maryland State Department of Education. The high school was established in 1998. NHA is a non-sectarian, non-denominational school, which emphasizes a strong academic program and character development based on family values universal to people of all faiths. Over 20 faiths and countries are represented.
6th Man Basketball (G200ASH)
6th Man Basketball (G200ASH)6th Man Basketball (G200ASH)
Lady Tigers Pullover (G185WH)
Lady Tigers Pullover (G185WH)Lady Tigers Pullover (G185WH)
Make it Rain (G200WH)
Make it Rain (G200WH)Make it Rain (G200WH)
Make It Rain Spirit Towel (T101)
Make It Rain Spirit Towel (T101)Make It Rain Spirit Towel (T101)
NHA Basketball Beanie (BX013)
NHA Basketball Beanie (BX013)NHA Basketball Beanie (BX013)
NHA Logo Zip Up Hoodie (G186SG)
NHA Logo Zip Up Hoodie (G186SG)NHA Logo Zip Up Hoodie (G186SG)
NHA Tigers Basketball Pullover (G995SG)
NHA Tigers Basketball Pullover (G995SG)NHA Tigers Basketball Pullover (G995SG)
On Fire! (G200ASH)
On Fire! (G200ASH)On Fire! (G200ASH)
Slam Dunk (G200ASH)
Slam Dunk (G200ASH)Slam Dunk (G200ASH)
That New Hope Life (G200ASH)
That New Hope Life (G200ASH)That New Hope Life (G200ASH)

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