If you are an association or trade organization that would like to collect dues online or a charity that would like to collect donations or a business that just wants to be able to receive payments via credit-cards and ACH checks online, AGP can provide a simple, low or no cost, worry free solution for you.

Our proprietary Code Generator/Interface & Custom Payment Page are our FREE tools that will allow anyone to quickly generate code (with custom criteria) that will create an interface page that will pass the non-secure data to the secure (NPC) "payment page" with optional user defined fields. The Payment Page can be customized with a logo and can immediately integrate (credit-card & ACH) payment processing into web or software applications.

Our interface is easy to use and automatically generates the code needed to create a customized payment page. The payment page is hosted on our Processor's secure servers where the transaction is authorized and settled. Responses can be directed back to an alternate or additional (URL) location and can be paired back up with an unlimited amount of non-secure data. Best of all, this simple solution eliminates sensitive card-holder data from ever touching the merchants environment thus removing the threat of any possible compromise and any related costly liabilities.

Talk to one of our knowledgeable sales personnel regarding your specific business needs and our in-house technicians will design and build a tailored solution for you. Also be sure to ask about our newly developed, fully integrated, fully functional shopping cart and management console solution. It�s simple to use and simple to set up with NO development time or development costs.

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